Friday, 18 November 2011

Design Outcomes suggested/requested by the client..

Brand: the central visual identity for Alight, to be used across all items/media

Print: flyers, posters, a brochure of events, a premium-quality 'souvenir programme'.

Projection: specifically for the 'Twilight' event at the City Hall - to be used in the venue, to accompany the experience of the musical performances themselves. Can be still-image sequences or moving, but should not be synchronised to performances.

Artefact: a one-off thing that is used to visually link the day's events, as a focus of connection and to give press/photo opportunities, the artefact will be taken to all the key events in the city, in the manner of a baton being passed. The artefact should be light and handleable - not too big, not too small..

Street-art: potential for a single-site piece of work, which could become an event in itself, to support the Alight theme.

I think I will be concentrating on Branding...


these are the three key words for this project...I will be doing my research focusing on these three words...

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